Hopkin® Insulin Needles

Hopkin® Insulin Needles are available in sizes 5mm/6mm/8mm (length) and 31G (gauge).

Hopkin® Insulin Needles are clinically tested to provide maximum comfort injection. Designed with high precision, silicon-coated, electro-polished needle tip with triple beveling, for easier flow of medication.

Designed with Double Point System, Hopkin® Insulin Needles provide optimal treatment with maximum simplicity. It is compatible with all major Pen models in the market.

Hopkin® Insulin Needles is recommended for Single Use only. Several risks of re-using the same needle include pain and bleeding upon injection, easily damaged/rusty needle stuck under skin, and formation of fatty tissue lumps at injection site (lipodystrophy). Immediately dispose after use to prevent infection.

  • Optimal Injection with Comfort
  • Double Point System
  • Electro-Polished Needle Tip with Triple Beveling
  • Perfect Penetration with no Fragmentation
  • Easy flow of medication without impurities
  • Compatible with all Pen models in market