Alivio Coccyx Seat Cushion

ALIVIO coccyx cushion rests comfortably on any wheelchair, sofa, home or office chair. It is soft enough to provide superior comfort and relief but firm enough to retain its shape. Convenient and portable to bring along while traveling. Alivio Coccyx cushion is particularly effective for those suffering from serious back injuries such as fractured or broken tailbone. It greatly reduces coccyx pressure which is the leading source of discomfort while sitting. The special rear cutout allows tailbone to hover above the seat, instead of having full body weight pressing down directly upon injured coccyx. In our daily lives, Alivio coccyx cushion can drastically improve our lifestyle. The inner premium memory foam material and contoured shape provides a far more comfortable sitting experience. Dimensions: 46x36x8cm

  • Seat cushion reduces pressure on coccyx, tailbone and hip bones while sitting or driving
  • Assists in relief and treatment of lower back pain, numbness, sciatica and pressure sores
  • Superior comfort for an office chair, car seat, truck, plane, wheelchair, floor or bench
  • Removable velour cover is machine washable and allows for easy cleaning
  • Promotes healthy weight distribution, posture and spine alignment
  • Unique comfortable premium memory foam inner material in contoured design
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