Hopkin Aerochamber with Mask

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Hopkin® Aerochamber

Hopkin® Aerochamber benefits individuals to inhale medication in the lungs effectively. It prevents the impact of the drug with the oropharnyx and generates a fine suspension that penetrates right into the respiratory tract.

Hopkin® Aerochamber adopts medical standard latex-free material, designed with mask and flow signal whistle which offers more convenience of use.

Manufactured in ideal volume of 175ml, this enhances suspension and distribution of the atomized drug. The transparent mouthpiece allows observation of valve movement to coordinate timing of medication actuation. To reduce unpleasant taste of medication, Hopkin® Aerochamber valve and end cap is easily detachable for cleaning and replacement.

Hopkin® Aerochamber is only intended for used by patients to administer aerosolized medication from pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers, under the recommendations of a licensed healthcare professional.


– Ensure sufficient medication reaches lungs
– Easy & Effective inhalation

Available in 3 models for Infant/Child/Adult, Hopkin® Aerochamber is suitable for all age groups.

Key Features

  • Medical Standard Latex-Free material
  • Innovative mask and flow signal whistle design
  • Enhanced suspension and distribution of MDI asthma medication
  • Compatible with most metered dose inhaler actuators
  • Clear mouthpiece to coordinate timing of medication actuation
  • Valve and end cap remove easily for cleaning