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I have been a Type II diabetic for 15 years, and used to suffer pain, tingling sensation in my feet. After wearing Hopkin Diabetic Crew socks on a daily basis, I don’t feel the pain in my feet anymore! Hopkin Diabetic Crew socks are absolutely high quality socks tailored to the needs of diabetics!
Glenda Chong

Selangor, Malaysia

I’ve always recommended all my patients with venous diseases to wear Hopkin Medical Compression Stockings. They are extremely soft and comfortable for the skin. The “neck” is comfy and does not cut blood circulation throughout the legs.
Dr. Lee


If you suffer from Pes Planus or Fallen Arches (Flat Foot), I strongly urge you to consider the Hopkin Gel Arch insole to support your foot arch for pain relief and comfort.
Dr. Yusof

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hopkin Medi-Socks are highly comfortable and don’t get too hot. The TPR gel provides a comfortable and cooling cushion for the feet. Despite many washes, the socks are still sturdy and haven’t lost their stretch. I would definitely recommend Hopkin socks to every diabetic patients.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was having terrible calf cramps and muscle aches at night. After wearing Hopkin Slimming Socks, I haven’t had calf cramps since. My legs feel so much better in the morning. I am so used to these socks now, that I don’t like sleeping without them. I’m really glad that I’ve purchased these socks. I’ve bought so many high priced socks and all of them have a poor quality. This one is so different to those I have bought, and the color of it will give you a good mood.

Penang, Malaysia